Family Life

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I hated my life. I lived with my mom and my little brother in a small town on the Oregon coast called Warrenton. My dad was in the Navy and was never around. My little brother Matthew was my best friend and I despised leaving him but I could not stay any longer. My mother was an alcoholic and addicted to heroin. She would hit me when she was out of drugs or alcohol. I took care of Matthew and myself, my mother was just there because she had no where else to go. She did not want help and I couldn't do anymore than I did to help her.

I was a C student in school. My friends were other kids who had the same type of conflicts at home that I did. Dallas and Gavin were older than I was although we shared the same problems. Dallas's dad beat him along with Gavin's dad. Dillan and Jesse were twin brothers. Their father left when they were 2 and their mother is an alcoholic also. Candice is younger then us but she also has a terrible situation at home. She moved in with her Aunt Grace after her mother was forced to put her up for adoption because she was addicted to cocaine. I met Aunt Grace one time. She hit me and promised myself I would never go back. She was a witch and I could see why Candice wanted out.

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