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Family Life

             I lived with my mom and my little brother in a small town on the Oregon coast called Warrenton. My dad was in the Navy and was never around. My little brother Matthew was my best friend and I despised leaving him but I could not stay any longer. My mother was an alcoholic and addicted to heroin. She would hit me when she was out of drugs or alcohol. I took care of Matthew and myself, my mother was just there because she had no where else to go. She did not want help and I couldn’t do anymore than I did to help her. .
             I was a C student in school. My friends were other kids who had the same type of conflicts at home that I did. Dallas and Gavin were older than I was although we shared the same problems. Dallas’s dad beat him along with Gavin’s dad. Dillan and Jesse were twin brothers. Their father left when they were 2 and their mother is an alcoholic also. Candice is younger then us but she also has a terrible situation at home. She moved in with her Aunt Grace after her mother was forced to put her up for adoption because she was addicted to cocaine. I met Aunt Grace one time. She hit me and promised myself I would never go back. She was a witch and I could see why Candice wanted out.
             The six of us would often talk about what happened the night before. Sometimes, words could not describe it, the bruises had to. For some people it was a sensitive subject, but we found it helpful to talk about our problems and how to resolve them. I came up with a deranged solution, but the more I contemplated about it, the more indisputable it sounded. .
             It was a perfect plan. Candice was the first I told because she was good at talking us into things, and I figured she could do it. I knew we all wanted out of the situations we were in, but it would take a lot to leave. .
             Summer of 1995 was coming up. Next year I would be in high school, if I lived that long. It was a perfect time to leave. We could leave for the summer and if we were found, the police would realize what was going on at home and take care of the problems.