Camping Trip

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I think its time I get this off my chest. I was about 3 years ago, when a camping trip will haunt us for as long as I can remember. A group of us set out on a camping trip. We were three couples Jen and Ean, Jessie and Joes and Khaled and I. The men thought it would be adventurous they wanted to sleep in tents, go hiking and cook our own food. We lady's hated the thought of sleeping in the woods and not taking fresh showers. We left around noon on a Friday morning, with perfect weather for this sort of day, so we sent out for Bucktail, Pennsylvania

We left the men to set up the tents as we went to see the facilities, which were the question on the woman's mind. As you can see we weren't excited about this trip like they were. We were all forced to come and sleep with the bugs and animals with only a tent to protect us. Then we came back to make dinner simple hot dogs and bake beans. Then after dinner we started playing card games and drinking a little. We were sitting around the fire because it was pitch black out. It was Joe's g

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