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             In every person's life there is an event or person who has had a huge effect on the rest of their life, whether or not they know it. One event that has had a major effect on my life was moving from Westchester, NY to Hampton Bays, NY in 2001.
             At the start of my tenth grade high school year, I moved from upstate New York down to Long Island. This was the biggest move I had ever made in my life, considering I lived in the same small town for 15 years. Going into tenth grade and having to make all new friends is one of the hardest and scariest things a teen age kid could ever face. First impressions are everything, and the fear of not being accepted because of how you look or how you dress is huge. Also wondering if anyone will let you show them who you really are before they judge you by your cover is a big fear. Taking the first steps into the school and not recognizing anyone or being able to talk to anyone is like walking into a room with a bunch of foreign people and not being able to speak their language. It is like being in a new world and not knowing one thing around you. Then you start to realize that this is how life is. You have to move on and get involved with activities and start talking to people to let them know who you really are. Moving to a new school really brings out who you really are, and shows if you can survive in the real world. If you can't be outgoing or up for new things, then you have a great chance of getting lost in the shuffle. The way you act and the way you present yourself is how people are going to look and treat you.
             Now that I am in my last year of high school, and it is my third year in my not so new school, I look back and notice that moving may not have been my first choice, but was in a way a good step toward my future goals. The challenge of making new friends and basically starting your life all over again really brings out who you are as a person. It shows what y

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