The Life and Work of Church Reformer Martin Luther

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Martin Luther disagreed with the way the church performed its services, and the superiority of the "almighty and wise  Pope Leo X. He followed the leadership of influences such as John Wycliffe to create a reformation to repair the Catholic Church, and stated his thoughts in the 95 theses that began an uproar of debate. Martin Luther opened the eyes of many to the thought of corruption and creating their own personal beliefs. The German monk and church reformer Martin Luther began the process of ending the corruption of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

In 1517, "[Martin] began to criticize the power and corruption of the Pope and the Catholic Church . (Roman Catholic Church, 3) The Church was pardoning peoples sins in exchange for the purchase of indulgences, and tithes were collected annually. Tithes were exactly 10% of yearly income and were collected from both the wealthy and the poor. Martin Luther opposed to nuns being unable to get married. Pope Leo X was said to be incapable of error, but "[the Pope] is a man like other men. There have been many popes inclined to errors, vices, and even very strange things . (Luther and the Reformation, 61) Martin's main concern

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