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Almost everyone has one. You know, the first person you tell when you find out your crush like you back. The person you go to for advice because you know they will give the honest-to-god truth no matter how good or bad it is. The person you run to when you feel like the world has turned its back on you because they never will. The person you spend all night talking and laughing with. What I am talking about is a friend. Your truest companion. Your partner in crime. My example of this is Karyn Keys, my best friend since the end of eighth grade. We have been through a lot together: a lot of hard times, a lot of good times, a lot of boys, a lot of laughs, and a lot of tears. Friendship is not just any relationship, it takes two people willing to trust one another, be there for one another, and laugh together.

The first thing people say when you ask them what they need in a friendship is trust and honesty. Trust is not hard for most people to give; it is the keeping the trust people have a hard time with. People, especially teenagers, have a tendency to talk

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