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             Fashion has been changing very fast since ten years ago, especially on women dresses. Women like to wear all various dresses that are released; however, women dresses are worn for several events. The three types of women dresses are the casual, the formal, and the evening garments. can be classified depending on special occasion. .
             One of the women garments is the evening dress, which come in many stylish variations in color and design. In general, younger women wear the lighter or more pastel colors; older women wear darker and brighter colors. An evening garment is usually a long dress. A long dress can have low-cut at the back or at the front side. Women wear the long evening garments to special social occasions or to gala events. The evening garment is very popular to most women because this type of dress is more elaborated, sophisticated, and simple for social occasions and gala events. .
             Another type of women dresses is the formal garment. Women wear the formal garments in special daytime occurrences, for instance, going to the exclusive restaurants. Moreover, certain professions such as the executive in companies, politicians, and people who work in banks, they usually wear these formal garments. Formal dresses come in many different fabrics, styles, and colors. Although the fabrics, styles, and colors change for every quarter of a year because each season has different textiles, designs, colors. For example, in spring season, the formal garments come with slender fabrics, classic styles, and lighter colors such as green, yellow shy blue, and other spring colors. Some women like these formal garments for more classic and traditional looking.
             Finally, a casual garment is one of women dresses that is ideal for university and college students, casual meeting. For example, young women wear the casual gown to a barbecue party or sport events. Most of time, designers do not need to change different colors for each season because all colors such as blue, purple, red, yellow, etc can be used the whole year.