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As I was reading Ovid's The Erotic Poems, it never really occurred to me that such material was ever written about in such an early time period. My eyes were really opened after reading The Erotic Poems. I find it actually humorous to be reading about how to get a girl back in that century. I seemed to have had a better understanding of The Art of Love than I did of the Amores. The Art of Love had a tone that was "do this and you'll get what you want , which I found to be quite exhilarating. It was kind of like reading the magazine, Cosmopolitan, only Ovid style. The opening lines of Book 1 really sucked me in. It was interesting to read "Should anyone here in Rome lack finesse at love-making let him / Try me- read my book and results are guaranteed!  (AA. I.1-3).

Now if that shouldn't be on the cover of a magazine, I don't know what should.

Ovid not only seems to give tips to guys about how to get girls, but I love how he gives women tips on how to keep the man. I think this is my favorite part because Ovid is very straightforward with what to do, and with what not to do. The focus of this paper will be to compare and contrast Ovid's tips he gives to both women and men.

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