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In this generation, music is very much prevalent, and in wide use throughout many cultures and societies of the world. Music can be described as a form of art in which an individual can portray their thoughts in a non arbitrary way. Today's music is primarily gender biased; meaning that women are predominantly overlooked in styles of music such as rock versus punk. In "Rock and Sexuality,  Simon Frith argues that rock music is a contributor for misrepresentation of genders. It has been seen that certain styles of music are somewhat conservative over other styles that may be more liberal. In secondary schooling, life seems to be about freedom and in some ways is part of the formula there and in other cases of music.

Many young adults enter the real world as they begin college. The college experience is much like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Young people get the chance to express themselves more than ever before, without the restraints of parents. Not only is college the time for learning, but the college scene has become a sanctuary for the "postwar teenage sexual behavior  (258). The culture is seen as somewhat liberating for girls in general, but girls are still seen as the prize poss

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