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Dream job

Its 5:00 in the morning and I could not be more excited to go to work. Not many people have the opportunity to live their dream but I am living proof that dreams can and will come true. What more could I ask for, spending every waking hour in the presence of the beautiful sunrise. Positively benefiting the community and the residence, which reside there. Receiving a brand spanking new truck every year. Listening to my favorite music as loud as I can possibly stand it. Getting paid in excessive amounts of money for getting in shape and having all my nights free. No one could ask for a better job than mine, a garbage truck driver. Although this may sound glamorous it is not easy educating and preparing yourself for such a profession. The skills necessary are not just handed out to you on a platter when one day all of a sudden you decide to become part of the trash collection team. Punctuality, reliability, being able to adapt to the environment, having an extreme tolerance for most fowl odors and having physical and mental strength are the main expertise of an ordinary day-to-day garbage collector. Now I'm not talking the head of the waste industry, no my friends that takes years of experience.

Hello! You think it's easy waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning every morning? Although that may sound difficult my years of practice have all been worth it to see the early morning sunrise. That takes years of practice for the amateurs. You've got to train yourself train your body to understand its capabilities at such an early hour, when the rest of the city is still asleep and your wide awake ready for a whole day of work. Once you've got it down the hour of wake-up is like a blessing from God. No one likes to drive to work when their garbage is still sitting there. They do not want to worry about their trash been picked up, being reliable is very important. You would not want to increase t

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