The comedies of errors

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The Play starts in a city called Ephesus.

Solinus the duke of the city enters, followed by a jailer and Egeon.

Syracuse is a fierce rival of Ephesus.

Both cities have passed a law which puts any man coming from the rival city to death unless he ´s able to pay a ransom of 1000 Marks.

And Egeon isn ´t able to pay this price.

The duke ask him what are his intentions to come to this city although he knows that the punishment is death.

And egeon tells his story to the duke that he and his wife went to Epidamnum years ago.

There his wife gave birth to twin sons who could be only distinguished by their names. Another woman in the inn also got twin sons. But this family was so poor that they sold their twins to Egeon who used them as servants for his sons.

Then they left to return home and got catched by storm which seperates Egeon from his wife and also seperated him from one of the two twin pairs.

The remaining son of Egeon (Antipholus of Syracuse) insist to search for his remainig brother (Antipholus of Ephesus) accompanied by his servant (Dromio of Syracuse) and left home.

And Egeon now has lost both sons and decid

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