School shootings

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"They wait for a problem to happen and then they pay attention." This was stated by Jennie Luitenn who was forced to witness a school shooting (Cloud 8). Being afraid you were going to be killed at school was practically unimaginable not long ago and now it has become a very clear reality in America. There have always been troubled children in this country but unfortunately it took some very violent acts to put this problem into the light. Why is it that children suddenly feel the need to take their peers lives and why has it become more and more prevalent over the years? Once the shootings became rampant around our country so did the blame. People thought it was Marilyn Manson and then video games or even society as a whole, but there is no concrete proof showing why these children decide to kill. In the past 7 years almost 30 acts of school violence either killing or seriously wounding someone with guns or knifes have taken place in this nation (Cook 45). After the most horrendous act, Columbine, people started to pretend this trend was over but only a month ago a student shot his principle and then killed himself. While these events have occurred the nation has tried to find ways to explain it but when you look at the lives lost an

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