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            John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as JFK, lived a very interesting life. He was born on May 29,1917 in Brookline Massachusetts. John has a total of nine siblings, four brothers and five sisters. John was named after his mothers father, John Francis Fitzgerald. Growing up John had many obstacles he had to overcome. He had to fight off many diseases such as chicken pox, scarlett fever, and the measels. John and his family had a difficult time living as an Irish-Catholic. Back then many people were against Irish-Catholics and made these times especially hard for the Kennedy's. They were also very involved with politics. John started his education at a boarding school in Connecticut. He was always joking around and was known as the "class clown", but also took his school work very seriously. He studied very hard in English and History. John graduated from boarding school in Connecticut in 1963. He started his freshman year of college at Harvard. John graduated from Harvard in 1940. John decided to pursue in a military career. Unfortunately Johns life came to a tragic ending when he was assasinated on November 22,1963. .
             After college John decided to enlist himself into the United States Navy. He was involved in World War II. While in command of PT 109, a Japanese destroyer rammed his ship. Kennedy survived and led his troops back to shore despite his injuries. Soon after World War II ended so did his career with the Navy. JFK wrote a book "Profiles in Courage." This book won him a Pulitzer Prize for History in the year of 1957.
             Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald raised nine children, including John himself. All of whom became individually wealthy. John met and married Jacquelyn Bouvier in 1953. They had their first child, Caroline, in 1957. After Caroline he had two other children, John and Patrick. .
             Soon JFK started a political career. He became a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1947 until 1953.