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Road Rage

             Road rage has many different definitions according to different people, all still having something to do with anger. According to Webster's dictionary road rage is a motorist's uncontrolled anger that is usually incited by an irritating act of another motorist and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior. Some people call it an increasing epidemic that is sweeping across our highways. Other people may refer to it as a solution to out overpopulated highways, just a form of aggressive driving. People can argue over what it is or should be called as long as they want; the fact is no matter what they call it, it causes accidents and sometimes death.
             Originally road rage could be defined as one driver acting out against another. Now road rage requires neither road nor vehicle. In 2000 a bicyclist in Washington D.C. shot the driver of a car that ran into him, and a Scottish couple threatened a driver with a knife after his car ran over their dog. The term road rage is no longer bound to motorists alone. Still, aggressive driving or road rage does cause a higher percentage of the accidents. Aggressive driving includes weaving in and out of traffic, driving too closely, flashing your lights, drinking, speeding, almost everything you can think of can be boiled down to aggressive driving behaviors or more commonly referred to as road rage.
             How do you know if you have road rage? Well, here are some examples from extreme to very minuscule and lets see if you can compare to any of them. In Sydney, Australia a motorcyclist demonstrated, with his hand, his dislike against another drivers aggressive driving. Enraged, the driver rammed the motorcycle with his car and, later, attempted to run over the motorcyclist and two bystanders who had come to his aid was trapped under the bike and dragged for fifteen meters, suffering head injuries and a shattered knee. In Atlanta, Georgia a two “year old toddler was shot

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