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The history of Pancho Villa

             The Blues Brothers.
             The movie, The Blues Brothers, is a fun take on musicians, and some of the troubles in their lives. The Blues Brothers, Directed by Gary Rogers, produced by 20th Century Fox, a comedy/musical, released in 1975. The plot is entertaining enough to keep you interested throughout the whole film.
             The movie begins with brothers Jake and Elwood Blues, former musicians, being re-united after Jake spent some time in prison. They decide that they want to re-unite their old band, for one final concert. This is all in Chicago during the 70's. The movie is mainly on their quest for the band members,for work, and the antics that follow. It is truly a funny experience throughout the whole film, as they carry out their adventure, all in the search of an honest buck. There are many specific scenes that cause side-splitting laughter in this over-the-top storyline. .
             One scene I found particularly funny was the scene where they encounter a group of Nazis, preaching their ideals in a local Chicago park. As they drive by in their old beat up car, they pass and hear the absurdities muttered by their Nazi leader. Jake turns to Elwood and says "Illinois Nazis.I hate Illinois Nazis.". Elwood backs up, until he is in line with the group of Nazis as he says "Me too". He then proceeds to nearly run over all the Nazis, causing them all to jump into a creek full of sewage. I found this scene particularly funny.
             The movie also dealt with some of the harsh realities of struggling musicians are faced with. Such as a constant competition for work from other musicians, or some poor working conditions, or disrespectful audiences. It really captures the not so glamorous life of professional musicians. However, that said, the protagonists, Jake and Elwood, never lose their heads, and always remain calm and cool. At one point when they are in a telephone booth, making a call, and a woman attempts to shoot them with a rocket launcher.