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Stephen King:The Master of Terrror

            Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland Maine. In 1949 when King was two his father left him, his brother, and his mother. With his father gone King’s mother began to work several jobs so King rarely saw his mother. But when he did see her she would read to him. They would read adventures, such as Treasure Island, and comics. By himself he would read Dr. Seuss. King saw his first horror film, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, when he was seven. Even with his mother working several jobs King lived an upper-middle class, he had a rented house with an outhouse in the back yard and a well on the side. When the well was dry King would drag buckets of water home from the creek. He always had a meal on the table but never had dessert. .
             King was a pretty good student getting mainly B’s. Even though King was getting good grades he was often teased at school because he was tall, overweight, and wore thick coke bottle glasses. .
             He began to write at an early age, in elementary school he would go to the movie theatre, watch the movies, rewrite the plots, then sell them for a nickel, dime, or a quarter. Until the teachers made him stop. .
             He kept writing till college. And in college he would write a column for the school paper called King’s Garbage Truck, and would also write short stories. .
             On January 2, 1971 he married his wife Tabitha Spruce. .
             After college and before trying to write professionally King worked as a teacher at Hampden Academy. He lived in a trailer with his wife and his daughter Naomi who was born in 1971 and his son Joseph in 1972. .
             Kings first novel was Get it On was rejected by publishers. His second novel, Babylon Here, and his third novel, Sword in the Darkness, were also rejected. .
             As King was writing his book Carrie he thought it was a stupid idea so he threw it in the trash. His wife, Tabitha, later took it out of the trash, read it, said it was good, and told king to continue.