Is War Justified?

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War can be justified depends on the purpose of the war. If nations declare war to expand their territory or to fulfill their greed, it is unjustifiable. War is an immoral event that ruins humanity and the dignity of people, but, if it is to protect something that they are living for, such as a religion, a war might be justified. Hindus and Muslims are the perfect example. They have fought for a long time because of their different religions. Their goal is to serve their religion and to extend their extreme beliefs. They were aware of countless deaths from the war, but humanity and dignity meat nothing without their religion. Japanese invasion of Korea is another example. Korean civilians denied to let Korean culture modernized under Japanese control, and fought against to protect their tradition.

The followers of Islam and Hinduism were far apart on concerns of belief and custom, and for past centuries, these differences caused to declare ¡ °a justified war. ¡ ± Tw

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