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A Good Friend

             "Qualities I look for in a friend 
             I look for many different qualities when I am choosing my friends. The following are the most important qualities my friends must posses for us to have a good friendship.
             The first quality I look for is loyalty. An example of this would be me having a fight with a mutual friend of ours. A good friend would not take sides and would stay out of the argument. They also would not denounce me to the friend I was quarreling with. Another example of a loyal friend would be one that was there for me through the good times and the bad. A loyal friend wouldn't stop being my friend just because of a physical change such as braces or me developing a handicap such as a wheelchair. My friend wouldn't stop being my friend because I didn't have many material things or my family was not "well off .
             A second quality I look for is honesty. A situation where a friend could display this quality would be when I asked them to watch my purse. A good friend would never go through my purse or steal anything in it. An honest friend would also keep a close eye on my purse and not let anyone else go through it or steal anything form it.
             Another instance where a good friend could display their honesty is if I were to tell my friend confidential information. A friend would not tell any of my secrets to other people. Also if any of the confidential information were to "slip out , an honest friend would admit their wrong doing and apologize for the mishap.
             There are many additional qualities I look for in my friends but loyalty and honesty are the two most important to me. I also try to practice these qualities so I can be a good friend in return.

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