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Choosing a Profession

Most people spend a third of their lives at work and more time with their coleagues than with their families or friends. So it's important that people enjoy their work as much as possible: and enjoying work means choosing the right career in the first place.

Choosing a profession is a whole process that begins with a dream and continues through education, taking into account factors such as individual interests, the relevance for this or that skill and demand on the job market. But not everyone actually takes into account all these different factors when making their choices, with the result that people often end up doing a particular job just by chance and without ever having given it any real thought.

In the life of every young person, there are always older people with a share of responsibility for how the future turns out. Parents, friends and teachers can all have a big influence on a person's future choice of profession. By observing your behavior and interests, experienced people can often tell you a lot about yourself that you never even realized. The best advice here is that the right decision will be the one that suits both your own interests and makes the people around you happy.

When planning your future career, it's important to look at how realistic your choice is. You should gather as much information as possible to have a full picture of what the job you want to do entails. If you're thinking about your future profession, then the time is right to start making carefully thought-through decisions based in objective information. Maybe you tend to think that everything depends on luck and circumstance, but in reality, most situations are predictable and can be planned to go the way you want them.

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