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What is the value of humility? That is a tough question to answer without first establishing what humility is.

Humility is an aspect in our lives as Christians that plays a significant role (Acts 20:19); it sets us apart from the average human being. Being a Christian is accepting the gift of God and knowing nothing we could possibly do will get us into heaven. We have to place our lives at the feet of God and submit to Him. As Christians, we also need to live in humility. We can do that by routinely confessing our sin to God, acknowledge our sin to others, take wrong patiently, actively submit to authority, receive correction and feedback from others graciously, choose to serve others, be quick to forgive and make it a point to speak well of others. These are the major steps in finding and walking in true humility.

When we confess our sins to God we acknowledge that we do make mistakes and fall short of His glory and accept the forgiveness that God has given to us. We can not correct the wrong by forgiving ourselves. (Yes, you do need to tell yourself that it is okay, but to have to ask leaves you in a venerable state, especially with God.) God, the All-Mighty Trinity, the All Powerful Being, the Judge, the

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