The twelfth day of july

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A Summary about the whole book Summary about the book: The Twelfth Day of June

The novel is mainly about four teenagers in Belfast with two different religions. Kevin and Brede McCoy live in the Catholic area and Tommy and Sadie Jackson live on the Protestant side. The story starts five days before the 12th July. Sadie and Tommy are very busy with the preparation for their religious day. Kevin and Brede are annoyed at the ceremony of the Protestants. They don't know a lot about Protestants, they have just learned that Protestants are bad. The conflict between the Protestant and Catholic teenagers starts, when they begin to go to the other side to paint the walls with insults against the other religion. To both sides of the teenagers it is a kind of adventurous game. Under these circumstances they get to know the other religion and approach each other.

They find out the differences of their religions. Furthermore, they find out how different they are, but also what they have in common.

The main conflict actually takes place between the children of the Jacksons and of the McCoys, but suddenly more and more teenagers help their own side to fight against the teenagers with the different religion. The conflict gets harder and har

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