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The Count of Monte Cristo is a tale about friendship, betrayal, and vengeance. It is a mans journey to rediscovering his faith in God and in friendship.

James Caviezel stars as Edmond Dantes, a man of little means surrounding himself in high class society and is ultimately betrayed by his best friend Fernand Mondego, played by Guy Pearce. Dantes is second mate on the merchant ship Pharaon. He defies first mate Danglars, played by Albie Woodington, by taking a detour to the Island of Elba when learning of his captain's brain fever. This happens to be the island where Napoleon has been exiled. While on the island Napoleon gives Dantes a letter of treasonous affairs, contents Dantes knows nothing of because he can't read.

Fernand, son of a count, witnesses the exchange of the letter without Dantes' knowledge. Mondego has always wanted to be Dantes, who always finds good in anything he does. Fernand gets anything he wants and is still not content. His jealousy turns to betrayal with the help of Danglars.

With the death of the former Captain, Dantes is made the new Captain of the Pharaon once they return to their home of Marseilles. Danglar and Fernand inform the chief magistrate Villefort, played by Ja

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