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An essay on psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud's views on psychoanalysis have "shaped the way we see the mind, altered the way we interpret literature and brought talk therapy to the world at large.  (Freud Slips as an Icon of Science: Column One) Freud had many theories on human behavior and personality based on such things as the division of the mind into three sections, the development of humans through different stages, defense mechanisms and their treatments, and the ability for humans to be helped and treated.

The basic framework of psychoanalysis, Freud believed, was that behavior was based on unconscious instincts. These instincts could be either aggressive and destructive, or they could be instincts necessary to survive. (Psychology; Morris) Freud researched and made his theoretical discoveries during the Victorian Era. During this time women were ethically not supposed to enjoy sexual intercourse but secretly desired and had a need for it. This clash between forbidden desires, Freud believed, was psychodynamic. This created an epistemological bias on his theories because many of his theories were based on psychosexual development and infantile sexuality. He took a deterministic view on personality, believing that personality is mainly developed during the childhood and is influenced by occurrences and the environment during that time. Freud also believed that personality development was idiographic, and that every individual develops uniquely.

Freud believed that a person's personality is structured around three basic structures: the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The Id operates according to the hedonistic pleasure principle by obtaining pleasure while avoiding any pain. (Psychology; Morris) To reach gratification, an individual would go through wish fulfillment, or dreaming up an image of a situation that satisfies the uncomfortable feeling. (Psychology; Morris) The Ego is based on the reality principle. It stri

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