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Security Threats to Ecommerce


Most businesses that have made the move towards an online presence have experienced some kind of security threat to their business. Since the Internet is a public system in which every transaction can be tracked, logged, monitored and stored in many locations, it is important for businesses to understand possible security threats to their business.

There are many threats to e-commerce that may come from sources within an organization or through some external channel. The following are the top corporate security threats categorized by internal and external threats.

o Unauthorized internal users who accesses confidential information by using a stolen passwords for the purpose of committing fraud or theft.

o Former employees of an organization that maintain access to information resources directly by creating alternative passwords, "back doors  into the computer system, or indirectly through former co-workers.

o Weak access points in information infrastructure and security that can expose company information and trade secrets.

o Management that undermines security is maybe the greatest risk to e-commerce as there are continuously new ˜electronic' threats to be aware of and fight.

o Employee error or malicious act that causes data to be destroyed or corrupted.

o Employees who receive or download inappropriate content from the Internet exposing the organization to cyber problems such as viruses

o Contractors, partners, consultants, and temps who take advantage of even limited access to important systems.

o Mistaken disclosure of confidential data

o Hackers who break into networks through an Internet connection and steal confidential information.

o These security threats are the most common as they can spread across corporate networks through file sharing and can be sent automatically to all listings in a system's address book.

o Increases in the number o

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