World Population

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The Present and Future The growth of the world's population is a problem that many people see as

being addressed at some point in the future. While we live in a country that is reaping the

benefits of a superpower, most of the United States is disconnected from the problems of

population growth. In this paper, I intend to address three major issues. How long will we

be able to support our planets food needs? How can we deal with population growth in

the present day? And How come certain areas tend to have larger population growth than

other areas? But first in this paper, I will see how the theories of sociologists and

demographers fit into the Earth's population problem. THEORIES MARX 1818-1883

Karl Marx viewed a capitalist society as an economic system that was bound to fail. In

Marx's opinion this eminent failure was based in the design of the system. According to

Marx, In the capitalist economy there are two major groups; the bourgeoisie and the

proletariat. The bourgeoisie are those who own the means of production, have the power.

The proletariat are those that work for the bourgeoisie and are at their mercy. At the

economy develops, the gap between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat grow

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