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An event that has changed My Life

             As usually I was looking for my four-year old child girl at the preschool playground, where she usually played with her classmates every afternoon; however, she was not there. Subsequently, I felt worried and confused at the same time. One of the teachers approached me. She told me to come to her office. I just followed her without mention a word. I felt like if something terrible was happened to my little girl.
             When I got to the teacher's office, I saw my daughter talking to someone. I felt better when I saw her because she I noticed that she was fine. However, I was worried about that stranger. Subsequently, she said, " I am a social worker, someone called me to make a child abuse report.  I did not know what to say. Then, she asked me, "Does your daughter speaks English or Spanish?  I told her that she was learning English, but she mostly spoke Spanish. "Oh!!  she said, that's why she did not answer my questions.
             She told me that she could not told me who was the person who did the report, and I understood pretty well. What I did not understand was the reason of that action. After that, she explained my daughter told someone that her mother hit her arms. She told me that my daughter also had her upper arms swallowed. Immediately, I responded to her that she went to the doctor the day before yesterday, and that she got two immunization shots in each arm. In addition, I let hew know that I had proves of what I was saying.
             When I left that office I did not want to come back again to that preschool. I felt offended and upset because nobody asked me any concern related to my daughter before making such as terrible mistake. I cried all the way home.
             Who did the report? Why nobody talked to me before? Did my daughter say that I hit her? Is that true? Couldn't they see the bandages that my daughter had in both of her arms? Couldn't they see that she had

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