Changes in Marriage

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All around us people, places, and common beliefs are continuing to evolve and expand. The number of options available in lifestyle and creed are unlike any to be had in the past, and society has become more prone to accepting radical ideas for change. Even a powerful institution such has marriage, which was once considered holy and undeviating, has taken a rather avant-garde approach to the future. The effect, while generally positive, can be seen in such critical aspects of life as social tolerance, church, and the family.

There are many obvious changes in the social archetype that is marriage. Seen throughout the past as a union between man and woman, same-sex marriages have only just been recognized in our culture. There are a number of people who enthusiastically support this idea. To them, marriage is not necessarily ?the ceremony, act, or contract by which a man and woman become husband and wife? as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary. Their idea expands to the greater thought of a true and complete love, no matter the sex of the individuals. This sentiment has yet to touch marriage laws, however, as only Vermont will legislatively acknowledge th

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