English Empire in America

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The Puritans in the seventeenth century saw that America would be a chance for them to make a new start. They believed that America would provide them with freedom and the ability to practice their own religious beliefs. It is with this sense that they emigrated from England and establish themselves in the new colonies in what would become Massachusetts. The society that they established was different from that of England. They wanted to avoid the worst parts of English society. Therefore they did not want a society dominated by wealthy landowners and a government that levied unfair taxes. Instead, they designed a self-governing form that was comprised mainly of property-owners. They thought that property ownership was important and this provided the foundation of their governmental system. While the system had some inequities, the populous benefited from land ownership and society was comprised mainly of yeomen farmers. All the men in the community had a say in the town meetings at which local affairs were decided. Town meetings accomplished many things among these were enacting ordinances about fencing, lot size, and grazing issues, but the most important activity was the levying of taxes and collecting of those taxes. Slo

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