God, Gold, and Glory

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The conquistadors were mercenaries lead by Cortez set out to conquer land in search for gold and treasures. They came across what was called 'Aztlan' with the intent to search and seize. Aztlan was populated by a significant amount of Aztecs. The war was difficult due to the difference of soldiers with only 300 conquistadors. Ruining the city and killing several Aztecs, Cortez and his men fled unaware that they left a disease know as Smallpox. Without the proper defenses against this disease, it widely spread killing 9 out of 10 people. It gradually took over the city weakening the Aztecs. Eighteen months after Cortez left, he returned. By that time it was almost simple to take over. The city was destroyed and in the hands of Cortez.

The film "God, Gold, and Glory" was a History Channel documentary. It was based on factual events that occurred during Cortez's conquest of Aztlan, now know as Mexico. Information came from the perspective of several his

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