psychology and literature

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Psychology uses English literature in a variety of ways. Some psychologists use literature to help patients with problems or issues that they may be encountering. Some psychologists even use literature to benefit themselves. They feel that reading fiction can help them through a difficult time. Other psychologists are actually writers of fiction themselves. By being a psychologist, they feel that they have the life experience needed to become a good writer. Literature is also very helpful to educational psychologists. These psychologists use fiction to help children through a difficult time in their lives. Literature is a valuable tool in the field of psychology.

Jonathan Kellerman is a well-respected psychologist. He is also a writer of fiction. The journal article, "Boosting Psychology Through Fiction,  explains how Kellerman was presented with a presidential citation at the 1998 American Psychological Association for his contributions to science through literature. He writes from the perspective of what he is, a psychologist. Kellerman believes that a writer needs life experience before he or she can write well. He feels that by being a psychologist for many years he ha

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