"Ode To Autumn" by John Keats

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˜Ode To Autumn' is a compelling, influential and inspirational poem that many critics have considered to be one of the most impeccably written poems in its time. With Keats' articulate and lucid imagination, ˜Ode To Autumn' is brought to life with descriptive and illustrative impressions of the season accumulated into this one ode. The ambience emitted to the reader subsequent to reading the poem leaves a unique feeling in each individual of an idyllic autumn setting, created by Keats' picturesque imagination. For me, the poem opened my eyes to the new world of the season of autumn.

The persona of the poem shows great admiration for autumn and praises all its aspects. The poet describes a variety of items in the season of autumn, which allow the reader to be able to imagine the world that the poet is placing before them and to understand what it is that makes the persona glorify and compliment the season. This is done through a use of linguistic techniques or figurative language, including personification, auditory imagery, rhetorical questions, metaphors, similes and more.

The main theme running throughout ˜Ode To Au

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