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Thomas Hobbes

            Political Science first page re-write.
             Laws and Leaders in society, are they really necessary? In his book Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes adresses these questions, along with many others. The answers, in Thomas Hobbes's opinion, say that in fact, yes, a dictator or dictators are needed. He says that man, in his natural state will be worried with only himself, and will be very competitive with other men. This point only further proves that a dictator is vital to keep society from becoming a state of nature, and thusly, a state of perpetual war. To help the dictator quell the possibility of a perpetual state of war people must enter a covenant. To enter into a covenant the people must give up all of their liberties and rights. This “bond” or “covenant” is so vital, that, should anyone break the rules of it, that they should be cast out on their own, and back into a state of nature. The point of these covenants is to provide peace for everyone. The idea of the covenant, and all of Hobbes ideas will most likely be very good ideas to do, beacuse they make sense, and because Hobbes is right about man having only his interests at heart.
             Hobbes view of society, and humans in general is not a very good one. He thinks that people only care about themselves, and not about others. That they act, only in ways that will benefit themselves in some way, no matter how good-hearted, or good-natured the act, it is all done, only as an act, to make other people think more highly of them. Hobbes says, that if these acts were done in the state of nature, it would not be in the best interests of the person doing them, because it would only result in the thought of you being soft, or an easy target. These notions, of you being an easy target, would end up with your, most likely, untimely death.
             Thomas Hobbes says, that in the state of nature, there are only really three reasons to fight. The first is that man is very competitive, and will always fight to try to get the most/best of whatever it is he was fighting about.