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Prisoner of the past

             Sometimes people hold on to events that happened long ago and are never quite able
             to forgive people who have hurt them. The focus of their everyday life is tainted by
             these long ago events and they lose sight of things that are going on around them.
             In  The Jilting of Granny Weatherall , Granny Weatherall is trapped in the past and
             cannot appreciate the people surrounding her in the last moments of her long eventful
             In this story, Granny Weatherall is bedridden and lives with her
             daughter Cornelia who is trying very hard to care for her eighty-year-old mother.
             Cornelia is trying to treat her mother well but Granny does not see this at
             all. Granny thinks that Cornelia is making too much of a fuss over her and treats her like
             a child. In reality, Cornelia knows that Granny's time has come and is trying in every
             way to make her mother's last moments meaningful and filled with love. Granny
             Weatherall is bothered by the little things that Cornelia does or doesn't do that don't fit
             in with they way Granny herself would do things. She considers Cornelia weak and
             dutiful and unable to make the smallest of decisions. Granny is not aware of the
             fleetingness of the moment and even thinks she may go back to live in her own home
             where "at least there she can have peace and rest. 
             But instead of peace and rest, Granny's mind is cluttered with thoughts that span the
             globe. One moment, she is thinking about all the things that are "left undone  and make
             her want to "roll up her sleeves and put this whole place to rights again.  She drifts in and
             out of awareness of her surroundings and up, around, and through her life. She thinks of
             her children and longs to see them. Especially the child that she misses the most, Hapsy.

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