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Argument and Persuasion

            Have you ever asked yourself the question; since life began on earth, would there be an ending to it? This question is often asked. Usually, the answer to this question would need a vas amount of detail of our surroundings and the planet earth. What we need to notice is that the answer to this question is what we watch and how we hear and notice others. As we progress through life, we do not realize that we are approaching THE END OF THE WORLD. Three factors that shorten our lives are television, cellphones and lazy people. The end of our lives and the end of the world is connected because humans need the planet's resources to live but if we consume all of it then the world dies and us along with it.
             Under the topic of interests, when filling out resumes, a person often writes watching television. A person spends a substantial amount of their time watching television. Their eyesight becomes bad. It has been proven that watching television causes damage to the eye. To correct the problem of bad eyesight we wear glasses. Mostly, we do not try fixing the problem. People do not try to watch less television but we get thicker glasses. As a person's vision becomes worse, their glasses tend to get thicker. Eventually, the glasses get too thick, that any pair of glasses will not work. We become so blind, that we do not notice our surroundings. People loose the interest of going places or entertaining themselves because they cannot see. As more people gain this unwanted ability, they loose the want and need to make their lives and the world better for themselves. As the number or television viewers increases, the stability of the world decreases.
             Cellphones are another essential factor that can end the human race. Many people use Cellphones. The world is growing more around the use of cellphones. Cellphones are a great technological achievement, which provide a great luxury to everyone. With luxury, there comes some sacrifice.