fall of rome

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The Roman Empire was strong for a time and had an organized government that kept it

balanced. It stayed balanced because of social, economic, political, military and religious

strengths. There are many explanations for the fall of the Roman Empire. The three alternative

explanations that are going to be investigated are The Roman Army, Decline and Fall, and The

Later Roman Empire. Each of these alternatives has been called the main cause or causes of The

Rome Empire collapse and downfall. In fact the major reasons for the downfall of The Roman

Empire were a weak army, poor economic performance, and lack of strong political and social

control led to the fall of The Roman Empire.

The first reason for The Fall of Rome happened because of The Roman Army. The people

who fought for their country came back with nothing, not even their homes. The pay and hard

life for a soldier gave little reason to volunteer. Without any railways soldiers spent their time

traveling rather than training. When provincials served the army they got citizenship when they

enlisted, those who lived outside would volunteer

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