The Polish Revolution

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On June 1, 1980, Premier Babiuch, the leader of the communist Polish Workers Party, announced new price increases in basic food products. The price hike announcement started strikes all over Poland, but the strikes were uncoordinated, so government officials settled one after another by agreeing to pay increases. In mid-July, there was a large, citywide strike in Lublin, a city southeast of Warsaw, near the Soviet border. All of the factory workers struck, and all of the railway workers stopped trains headed to the Soviet Union with consumer goods. They took the goods and distributed them to the population of Lublin. This strike was settled by Deputy Premier Mieczyslaw Jagielski, but it paved the way for the strikes that were to come in August.

In mid-August, there was a strike at the Lenin shipyard, where several workers had been killed in a strike during December of 1970. The two main reasons for the strike were the dismissal of a popular woman crane operator, Anna Walentynowicz, and the price hikes. The manager of the factory rehired Anna Walentynowicz, and agreed to pay raises, and the workers began to go home. Meanwhile, Lech Walesa, an electrician that had been a leader of the strike in 1970, arrived, and was accepted a

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