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An Emerging Market

            South Africa has a wealth of natural resources at its disposal. It is bordered by four countries to the north and the bottom half is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east and the Atlantic to its west. The potential for growth is apparent throughout the entire country. The factors in determining a potential market for a corporation are as follows but in no particular order; economic stability, availability of labor, economic growth potential, transportation routes, religious stability, and a number of cultural acceptance factors (www.pbs.org). Taking these factors into consideration South Africa it is a wonderful place to expand a corporation, although it is not without its problems. .
             A large portion of South Africa’s population suffers from the AIDS epidemic which is a direct result of the lack of quality education available in the country (www.c-span.com, UNESCO, 1991). Another contributing factor to this epidemic is the high cost of medical attention. These are both things that could be improved with a boost to the economic system within the country. It is essential that the country be given the resources to improve its own situation. The development of a well kept highway system which will connect the major cities to one another and give improved accessibility to sea ports is a huge step in the right direction. It will give accessibility to the citizens and provide the need for a larger transportation industry. The end result is a country with access to itself.
             The major upsides to South Africa are the attitudes of the people who intern desire economic improvements. Aside from being loaded with natural resources which range from coal, to diamonds, to gold and oil the land is aesthetically breathtaking and has great potential for tourism revenues. The post-apartheid government seeks outside investors and businesses who can contribute to the potential economic stabilization of this country.