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Japan and Korea Comparison

            Japan is much richer than South Korea because Japan has a GDP (per capita) of: $24,900 and South Korea's GDP (per capita) is: $16,100. The difference between the GDP of both countries is: $8,800. With this information, it shows how much money there is for every person in the country. So with this money, they might buy things that are expensive. For example, the number of televisions that are sold in is: 86.5 million and the number of television that are sold in South Korea is: 15.9 million. This shows that obviously there are richer people in Japan than South Korea because more people spend money on televisions. Plus, they may buy more than one television set for.
             their household because they may have a big family to entertain.
             Japan's Birth Rate is 10.04 births (per thousand people per year) and.
             South Korea's Birth Rate is 14.85 births (per thousand people per year). This shows that South Korea is poorer than Japan because it's birth rate is higher than Japan's. This could be due to problems such as needing a big family to earn more money for everyone. This shows that Japan have enough doctors and hospitals to perform abortion to women who do get pregnant. Also, Japan encourages people to use contraception to prevent pregnancy. Japan's Death Rate is 8.34 deaths (per thousand people per year) and South Korea's Death Rate is 5.93 deaths (per thousand people per year). This shows that South Korea may have more doctors to help cure people with their illnesses.
             Japan's Population is: 126,771,662. South Korea's Population is: 47,904,370. Even though Japan's birth rate is lower than South Korea's and Japan's population is larger than South Korea's, it shows that more people may migrate to Japan, as it is a richer country to live and work in. .