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Home Schooling vs Traditional

            There are two types of schooling in America, one is traditional schooling which takes place in the classroom, and the other kind is home schooling witch takes place at home. Although the students learn the same things, how .
             they learn them makes the two types of schooling completely different. Traditional Schooling is much better than .
             home schooling in several ways.
             First of all, colleges will be more interested in students who were educated in traditional schooling instead .
             of students from home schooling. Colleges will see home-schooled students as a risk. For example, home schooled students are not as used to competition as traditionally schooled students. As a result, home schooled students will .
             not be able to handle out, and may drop out. Also home schooled students may fall behind in class work because .
             they do not have some one looking over their shoulder like they had all their lives. There will be more much more college opportunity for traditionally schooled students than for home schooled students.
             Also, teachers of home schooled students are not as qualified to teach children than teachers of traditionally schooled students. The teachers of home schooled students do not have to go through any kind of formal training, .
             while teachers of traditional schooled students must go through years of rigorous training to teach. Teachers .
             of home schooled students follow lesson plans, and give their students tests made by the state, no matter how well .
             or how bad their students are doing. Teachers of traditional schooled students make there own lesson plans and .
             make their own tests, depending on how well or how bad their students are doing. .
             Most importantly, home schooled students do not learn the social skills that traditionally schooled students.
             learn in the classroom. Bryant of the National School Board says, ”’Kids learn how to work, play, fight, and resolve differences in school.