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Recently, International Business Machine announced its "downsizing plan , cutting 15,600 jobs in services and chip units-filing. As the U.S. economy tumbled beginning in the year of 2000, we frequently hear " lean concept of Synchronous Organizational Structures,  "production cessation,  " reducing duplication,  "force management program,  "redundant  ¦ etc. from company's chief operating officers' speeches to reveal a simple fact of cutting jobs and making more and more employees to lose their jobs for the pursuit of the economic profits of the company. New ways to avoid saying firing their employees have constantly been invented as corporate continues to eliminate jobs. Not only found in business and economics, such words or phrases like "departure from normal flight  is simply described as a helicopter crash by a Canadian military spokesman, "servicing the target  means killing the enemy, foreign spy is an "asset  under CIA term, armed political rebel is described as "freedom fighter  in positive term while a contrasting term "terrorist  is used for the negative mean

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