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A World of Clones: The Impact of Westernization 

Over the years the civilizations of the world have adopted many of the West's styles and

ways of life. This "Westernization  has started a downward spiral in destroying the cultural

diversity of the world. Westernization has caused many people to reject their traditional style of

clothing and alter their daily life to conform with the styles of the Western part of the world. Paul

Harrison, author of "The Westernization of the World , points to the obvious when he says,

"Every capital city in the world is getting to look like every other; it is Marshall McLuhan's global

village, but the style is exclusively Western (67).

Part of the reason this "global village  looks like that of a Western city is because large

broadcasting companies from America are broadcasting their television shows and commercials all

over the world. The Turning Point Project gives an alarming figure that in Europe and South

America the average person watches three to four hours of television per day. In Japan and

Mexico, they watch more than that. Even in countries where there are no roads the people still

watch American television programs showing people on the beach drinking martinis

(Monocultures). Companies from America dominate almost all of the global television that is

broadcasted. These corporations are AOL Time Warner, Disney, and the News Corporation.

Baywatch, a show that glorifies California lifeguards, is the most popular television series in the

world. Everyone who watches this show sees a lifestyle that certainly has an impact on how they

view themselves. The Californian look is drilled into the heads of young people all over the

world, therefore they grow up wanting to dress and look like the lifeguards on a California beach,

losing their own culture and heritage in the process. Harrison paints a

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