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School All Year Around

             Schools have been providing students with education for hundreds of years. Throughout these years schools begin at the end of the summer, and end at the end of spring. During the summer, kids get approximately three months out of school. This time period is referred to as, “Summer Break”. Many schools no longer have summer breaks. Instead, some schools go year around. No school should go year around so students do not get burned out, so students can have vacation time, and kids can participate in summer activities. .
             It is very easy for kids to become burned out or tired of school. Therefore, school should not go year around. With a summer break, kids have the opportunity to have fun with friends and family instead of being at school. Also, students will be able to take a break from having to study and do homework. After time, school becomes very boring, so kids should be able to take a break from it.
             During the summer families like to be able to have vacation time. If school went through the summer kids would not be able to go on vacation. As an alternative, they would have to sit in school. If school went all year around kids would have to miss school while they were on vacation.
             Summer is full of sporting events and activities for kids. Most activities are during the day while kids would normally be in school. Without school kids are able to participate in daily activities. Also, with the amount of activities, it would cause a lot of pressure on students to complete their homework, and some students would not have time.
             No school should go all year around because kids become burned out, school could take away vacation time, and students would not be able to participate in summer activities. Summer is a time for kids to have fun and take a break from school. Kids would not enjoy having to go to school during the summer. All students should be able to express their opinions about going to school year around before it is in effect.