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To Kill a Mockingbird

             To Kill a Mockingbird, is a simple story about the life of a family in the south set in.
             It is a story of morals and how people should live and treat others. It was a.
             simple town, there wasn’t many things to do for kids. People were close to each other in.
             the town. Everyone knew everyone. .
             Atticus, the father of Jem and Scout was a fair man who treated everyone with.
             kindness and respect. He was an attorney . The people of the town knew Atticus as a fair.
             man and would ask him for guidance. He was asked to do jobs no one else was able to do.
             He stood tall, always keeping himself clean and proper. For example, he would take his.
             hat off for women and was sure never to lose his temper. He was a kind father always.
             talking with his children. Jem the son of Atticus was a smart boy. He was like most boys.
             at the age of twelve. He spent most of his time trying to keep himself out of trouble even.
             though that rarely happened. He was mindful of his father. When he needed to look after.
             his sister, he did and took good care of her. His sister was something else. Being as small.
             as she was, she sure was aggressive. She spoke her mind, but not always at the best of.
             times. Scot was a tom boy. She played with the boys and was not very fond of wearing.
             dresses. Then there is Mr. Edwell. He was old and dirty. He reminded me of an old boss.
             He wore overalls that were never clean and he stunk of whiskey and chewing tabacco. He.
             was not a very nice man. He treated people with disrespect and he didn’t care for his.
             seven kiddies.
             I think Harper Lou hit the nail on the head when this book was written. This book.
             wasn’t a love story or a violent story, just a story of everyday life. But for some reason it.
             caught the attention of many readers. The story was realistic and maybe people were able.
             to relate. At the time of this story African Americans were treated with little or no respect.
             People would call them Niger’s, and treated them like dirt.