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Activities after SChool

             The state legislators are considering enacting a new law prohibiting students from participating in any after-school activity after six P.M. They believe this will allow adequate time for students to complete daily assignments and study. I think this is a well thought out law by the state. In my opinion the time restraint is not only good for completing assignments and studying, but also for completing responsibilities outside of school as well. .
             I am a 17-year-old student with a major responsibility. In order to have my own transportation I have to pay for my own car and insurance. Although I worked all summer, I still am forced to work during the school year as well to be able to afford my car and the upkeep that comes with it. I am extremely involved in school also, which at times makes it difficult to have an after school job. Soccer practice alone lasts until 5:30 or 6:00 everyday, so I have to take later hours at my job. If the new law were passed it would be very beneficial to my personal situation. I would be able to keep my job, pay for my car, stay involved in school and have time to devote to my schoolwork and studying.
             Along with helping to provide me with a more workable schedule, the new law would also allow me to use some of the extra time (after 6 P.M) to devote to free time and socialization. Working and playing soccer take up most of my time these days allowing me to have little to no social life at all. Having another after-school activity after 6 P.M would take up all my time I have. Statistics say that the average body needs at least ten hours of sleep. This is merely impossible for me between all my other responsibilities in life, and if I have less time to do these things I would get even less sleep. This will cause me to wake up very tired making it hard to concentrate in school. Teachers today do not make you pay attention in class. It is the student’s responsibility to pay close attention in class and get good grades.