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Karl Marx's View On Wealth

Imagine a place where there are no homeless people, and no people who are barely struggling to live off of minimum wage jobs. There would be no unemployment rate and everyone would have a decent place to live in. No one would die of hunger and starvation and everyone would share all of the money they make with the rest of the population. One may think that this would be the perfect world, or his/her ideal world because the idea of equality and getting rid of poverty does sound very pleasing to the ear. This is the kind of world that Karl Marx thought the people of society should and could live in. He believed that distribution systems are different according to the different situations, which exist in any society. He wanted a fair amount of wealth distributed to everyone in the society, leaving no one out.

Karl Marx believed that society was divided into two classes, the proletariat class, and the bourgeoisie. He viewed the proletariat class as the working class who did not have any means of production of their own. The bourgeois was referred to the class that was made up of the owners of the means of social production. Marx thought that the proletariat class should rebel against the bourgeoisie. He wanted to take away wealth from the rich class and give to the poor, the working class. ¡ °The distinguishing feature of Communism is not the abolition of property generally, but the abolition of bourgeois property. ¡ ± Therefore he mainly pointed out that the wealth of private people should be taken away. Marx ¡ ¯s thoughts were that the wealth of the bourgeoisie relies on unequal distribution to the society. He believed that wealth was accumulated through labor. "In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all." Marx wanted everyone to have similar properties of

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