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Laws of Life

             The laws of life aren’t written laws created by a government or dictator. They are simply words or statements that societies and individual people create for other people to live by. Respect is an excellent example of what a law of life should be. If we as a society didn’t have this simple word to follow who knows what are society would be like today. .
             The most important testimony of all the laws is respect for oneself and others. One well know description for respect is the “Golden Rule”. The Golden Rule states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Understanding that all people have values as human beings is something that more people in our world should understand. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. We must learn to respect and understand all the people of the world in order for our civilization to live in peace and harmony.
             The laws of life have endured since the beginning of time and will continue to guide society in the future. Whether our society goes through revolution, civil war, destruction, or death; the laws of life will stand above all other laws insuring the civilized continuance of mankind. People in our society need to incorporate respect into their internal belief system and all mankind will benefit as a result. In conclusion, the laws of life can be summed up into this simple rule: Do what you know is right! Those six words could guide individuals and countries into making our world a safer and better place for everyone.