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Process Essay-Haircoloring

             How many women and men in America color their hair? The number may surprise you at one in three. Color is a fun and sometimes creative way to express yourself or to even cover gray hair. Whatever your reason, hair color is one of the most popular chemical services a salon can provide. The only draw back for many people is the expense of having your hair professionally colored. Many salons charge upward of fifty dollars a visit and many times this does not include styling. Now imagine there was an affordable alternative. Well here is your solution, color your hair at home! This may sound a little intimidating to some people, but it’s easy as 1,2,3! So let’s get started.
             The most important thing for you to do is to answer one question, "what color do I want my hair?" Many of us stick to our natural color, which is the easiest way to go since your "roots" will be less detectable. Start by looking in the mirror at yourself and deciding if your natural color is warm or cool. The simplest way to tell, is if you think your hair is "brassy," "red," or "gold" then your natural color is warm; if it is "beige," "ashy," or "bluish" then it is cool. You should always stay in your own color family. All right, now we’re off to the store!.
             The place to go is Sally’s Beauty Supply; you do not have to be a professional to buy any of the products you will need here. This is where you need to know whether your natural hue is cool or warm. Choose your color from the selection, if you’re in doubt, the sales girl can help you. While you’re there, pick up a small bottle of 20 volume creme developer, some vinyl gloves, and an applicator bottle. All of these magical items will set you back around six dollars, but do keep in mind the applicator bottle and the gloves are re-usable and you should have some developer left over for the next time! Now you are ready to get down to business!.