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Why reading is important

             I think reading is important because if you read it gives you knowledge of many different things. I think that reading is fun because you read different kinds of things that can help you in your future. Reading gives you knowledge of all things because in the schoolbooks you can find everything you used to learn how to read and write. Most of people with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty because they do not have the sufficient money to pay their schools.
             The only thing I can say to a non-reader is to start reading because in your future it will help you out. I will tell the people that can read that good to start on a lower reading level. Basically every job now needs people that can read and write. Reading is also fun because you can imagine what might happen in the book that you read. By reading, you can find more information than the regular textbooks have. It seems that the people who do not know how to read have no job or a part time job. For a poor reader, I would have to tell them just to start out on reading level that they can read from. Reading also provides entertainment. Reading might not be the one of the best things to do, but once you learn, you will never put a book down until you finish it. Reading helps you learn about other people's lives, religion, culture, and actions. If you read, you can be more intelligent because reading makes you think and analyze the story that you are reading and it feels real while you are reading. When some book is interesting it gets your attention, because you just want to read and read. Some of the books I had to read in high school were pretty good such as: Animal Farm, 12 Angry Men, Beowulf, Of Mice and Men, Othello, and many others. Any of the books I just listed are some good books to read.
             Finally, I think reading is important because if you read it gives you knowledge of many different things. Reading gives you knowledge

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