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Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Maybe even the greatest boxer ever. Muhammad Ali was a very strong fighter, both physically and mentally. Ali didn't just give up and let other people ruin his life by telling him what to do. He stood up for himself and what he believed in. Ali was at the starting of the black era in professional boxing. Ali always knew he could succeed in boxing even though some people thought he didn't have a chance in the world. During his career Ali had a very big head and a lot of attitude. To some he was arrogant. To most he was a hero. Even today, Ali is still one of the most well known men on earth.

During Ali's whole life, he has been very strong, both mentally and physically. "He said the only time he was truly scared was stepping into the ring with Sonny Liston for the championship" (Remnick, David). At 22, Ali thought he was the biggest man in heavyweight boxing. Most of the time Ali never showed much emotion. He wanted his opponents to know nothing about him. And that's the way it was with Ali. He knew if he let people know that he was scared, and what he was thinking, he wouldn

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