God's gracious gift

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"Hold your fire!  hollered Police Detective Kincaid as he came to an abrupt halt. He could see the outline of what seemed to be a baby carrier embedded in the trash next to the filthy dumpster. As his fellow police officers apprehended the suspect, Kincaid shuffled through the rubble to exact location where he had observed the carrier. His instincts had been correct; in fact it was a baby. The child was wrapped within bundles upon bundles of blankets and clothing. As Detective Shane Kincaid lifted the bundle close to his chest he could hear a soft murmur and slight tremble coming from the child. Resting upon Kincaid's muscular forearm, the child slept during the ride to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the Good Samaritan Emergency Room, the child was passed on to the on-call doctor. After a thorough physical examination, the baby was given to the nurse for placement in the child services unit. While the nurse was busy trying to find a home for the child, Kincaid interrupted and said that he would be glad to take custody of the young child. After little deliberation from the staff, Kincaid was instructed to register the child in the morning. Agreeing to do so, Shane Kincaid

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