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            A Critique of “Creatine Use Among Young Athletes”.
             In the report “Creatine Use Among Young Athletes” from Pediatrics, the authors of the article, Jordan Metzl, Eric Small, Steven Levine, and Jeffrey Gershel discuss the problem of young athletes using a performance-enhancing supplement called “Creatine”. Many athletes use this supplement to help them perform better in their respected sports or events. This particular supplement has been proven to help aid athletes in strength, endurance and power and is illegal to use in many international athletic competitions because of the incredible advantage it gives an athlete. In this report the authors talk about the dangers of this product and show the results of surveys that have been performed on young athletes. While it may be true that the use of this supplement is risky, no one knows for sure the future affects it has on ones body and the authors should not come to conclusions without infallible evidence. .
             This report shows many studies that have been done and show that the use of creatine is prominent among athletes of all ages. The authors discuss many of the risks of using this nutritional supplement and talks of the “…demographics of creatine use among middle and high school student athletes”(Metzl et al). The article discusses the organizations that have banned creatine and other performance enhancing supplements and the authors give scientific results of why creatine helps aid in performance. This article also gives some possible explanations to why creatine use is so prominent among young athletes. .
             The authors’ argument is logical and has a lot of numbers to show how popular this supplement is among student athletes. The refutation is pretty weak and the authors seem to be biased against the use of creatine by athletes. The article is not insulting so to speak, and the authors explain their argument in pretty good detail.